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Av Sandra och Johanna - 30 juli 2012 19:00

Scoop on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 has been trickling down ever since Season 3's finale, so to catch up on all the spoiler-y goodness, here's a mega wrap of all the goodies so far.

New Characters

The gang will graduate high school, and they’ll “start spending some time at the local university early in the season.” Also, a new “recurring character” named Professor Shane will come in the fold, working closely with Bonnie - the new someone, perhaps (Zap2it)?

Another new character named Hayley is on the way for Season 4, Episode 3, and she’s “wildly sexy” but has “some surprises up her sleeve" (Zap2it).

Two more new characters on the way – April and Connor. April’s someone Jeremy and Elena used to know in their child hood who moves back into town after a death in the fam, but Connor’s “scary” and a “highly trained killing-machine.” Todd Williams has since been cast as Connor, and Grace Phipps will portray April (Zap2it).

We'll finally get to meet Bonnie's dad (TV Guide).

Elena’s Transition

The first episode will be complicated but probably a little predictable on the Elena transitioning front. “"It will be a very emotional, very complicated first episode when the show returns, but Elena's future is pretty set,” Julie Plec said (TV Guide).

Caroline will be Stefan’s ally in trying to help Elena steer toward bunnies instead of people, and she may even have another moment or two with her old flame Matt (TV Guide).

Bonnie will focus on helping Elena through the transition as well (E! Online).

Humanity of Mystic Falls

Matt made it. “I think for Matt to not survive that after everything would be just too damn tragic,” said Julie Plec. Agreed (EW).

Damon has “revenge on the brain” because he “blames poor Matt for Elena’s little predicament.” Uh oh (TV Line)!

Matt Davis thinks that he’ll be brining Alaric Saltzman back around for Season 1, but he’s just “not sure” in what capacity that might be (Zap2it).

The humans in town are going to have some problems with Elena. Julie Plec teased, “Matt is basically responsible in his own way for her being the one thing she never wanted to be. He’s going to carry that very heavily. It’s going to take his some time to get past that. And I would say certainly Jeremy, who would never want this for his sister, is going to have a real, real visceral reaction against Rebekah for what [she] did. There might be a little bit of retribution" (TV Line).

There’ll be yet another death in Mystic Falls, and soon. Alaric’s revelation to the Council will result in a “domino effect [with leads to a] powerful, surprising death sequence" (EW).

Love Triangle Fall-out

While Elena will become refreshed on her first encounter with Damon in the woods, revealed at the end of Season 3, she might not know exactly what’s happening. “Elena doesn't realize right away that she's watching a memory from the past rather than experiencing a moment in the present.” Aye aye aye, that could get messy (TV Guide).

Damon’s not mourning the loss of Elena. “He tried to be the person they wanted him to be. Guess what? None of it worked,” Ian Somerhalder said (E! Online).

What’s going to happen to Damon now that Elena’s chosen his brother Stefan and become a vamp? “In the first part of the season, we’re going to be very much invested in what’s going to happen to Elena and what do each of the brothers have to say about it and what are each of them going to do to try to help her through this experience and what does it do to their relationship with each other? Then once the dust settles from that, we’ll see [about a new romance for Damon]" (TV Line).

The Salvatore brothers are going to continue quibbling about Elena, but more so about what she drinks than who she loves. Julie Plec explained, “They’re two very different kinds of vampires and they’re going to have two very different points of view about what kind of vampire Elena should be … It’s going to make them fight a little'" (EW).

Witchy World

Bonnie might just make it over to the dark side this year. According to Julie Plec, “the biggest thing that prevents us from doing that is not wanting to feel like we’re following Willow’s journey.” Willow being a character from Buffy, of course (E! Online).

Even if she’s not necessarily going to go bad, she will go big. Bonnie had her “I am witch woman, hear me roar moment” in Season 3, according to Plec, and “we’re just seeing the beginning of growth for her, exploring who she is and what it means to be a witch and how she feels about it" (TV Line).


Things are going to be nice and fresh for Season 4, thanks to Season 3’s ending. Julie Plec explained, “when we started breaking the fourth season, it makes everything feel so new and so fresh and so, in that way, it takes us back to that great feeling of the beginning of that first season where it's about a girl with a secret and it's a becoming, it's a transition; it makes it all so grounded in character and more interpersonal suspense than big bold epic mythology. We get to start season four with a nice intimate, intelligent, character-driven point of view and then grow from there" (E! Online).

Klaus is going to be very, very upset about losing his doppelganger. According to Plec, it “is gonna be a BFD for Klaus and will drive his actions for the season. Suddenly he's vulnerable for many reasons. There's a stake that can kill him, a witch that can desiccate him, and no way to build up the hybrid army he needs — psychologically, at least — to feel safe. Plus, Caroline's going to be peeved at him once she realizes he bamboozled her. In other words, he ain't gonna be so happy" (TV Guide).

Prepare for some lovin’ on Episode 1 when “Tyler” (who is kinda Klaus at the moment) and Caroline reunite. “Shirts are flying off in our first episode back,” Michael Trevino teased (TV Guide).



Av Sandra och Johanna - 30 juli 2012 18:39

Satt och tittade på How i met your mother när jag såg Dawn Olivieri (Andie Star) från TVD.

Avsnittet heter "Ted Mosby: Architect" och hon spelar en tjej som heter Anna som Barney raggar på.


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